The Best Toilet Repair and Toilet Replacement Services in Sunnyvale, CA

There is an abundance of reasons that household toilets clog. If you have a clog that has formed inside the drainpipe or in the sewer line, you need a licensed plumber in Sunnyvale, CA, to assist you with clearing out the line. While a plunger or drain snake may clear a clog in the basin or trap, clogs that form farther in the plumbing system are not reactive to the suction from the plunger.

Anytime that a clog forms that cannot be taken care of with a plunger or drain snake, you need to immediately call a skilled technician to help you out. Drainage problems that are ignored can lead to thousands of dollars in damage and can cause dangerous gases or waste water to backup into your bathroom.

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Common Problems with Residential Toilets

The toilets in your home are used frequently every single day. This constant usage will lead to inevitable breakdowns. Hardware inside the toilet will wear out and clogs may develop. Replacing hardware when it breaks is relatively inexpensive and is necessary to prevent large water bills. When the flapper valve, overflow tube, or flush valve isn’t working correctly, your toilet will run nonstop. A toilet that won’t shut off can use as much as two gallons of water in just one minute. Spending a few dollars to make minor repairs will save you hundreds in the long run.

Are you fighting a losing battle with a clogged toilet in your home? Due to the sheer amount of usage toilets are subjected to each day it is quite likely that you will deal with a clogged toilet every now and then. However, there are measures you can take to make sure that the problem is infrequent and not recurrent.

  • Do not flush sanitary napkins, tampons, applicators, or feminine hygiene wrappers. These products are not made to be flushed and can cause shallow clogs in the trap or deeper clogs in the drainpipe or sewer line.
  • Use septic-safe toilet paper and limit how much toilet paper is used at one time. Too much toilet paper causes more clogs than anything else.
  • Limit what you place in the toilet to toilet paper. This means do not throw paper towels, tissues, wipes, or napkins in the bowl.
  • Install toilet locks if you have small children. Children are naturally curious and the toilet is a very tempting apparatus in your home. Toilets locks may be cumbersome for you, but they’ll prevent plumbing problems and keep toys out of your drainage system.

New Toilet Replacement Services

When it’s time to replace a toilet in your home, call one of our plumbing pros and we’ll help you find a new toilet that is water efficient and in your budget. Our plumbers are available around the clock to answer any questions you have. Can’t get someone to answer your questions in the big box store? Call us while you’re standing in the aisle and we’ll help you choose a new toilet on the spot. Once you’ve made your decision, My Sunnyvale Plumber Hero can have a plumber to your home the same day to provide professional toilet installation.

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