A Qualified Sunnyvale Plumbing Company for Slab Leak Inspection – We Detect Concealed Foundation Leaks with 100% Precision

If you have water issues, we have solutions! At My Sunnyvale Plumber Hero, our top priority is finding hidden water leaks that lurk beneath a home’s foundation. These leaks, referred to as slab leaks, can cause major damage to your home’s structure. We believe everyone should have access to safe and secure housing and that starts by offering affordable detection services to prevent catastrophic failure of a home’s plumbing system.

Slab leaks can creep up on you when you least expect it. Don’t be taken by surprise! Instead take advantage of our innovative electronic leak detection services.

Origins of Slab Leaks

Foundation leaks usually begin within the incoming water line to your home. But they can also originate in drain and sewer lines. Drain lines and sewer lines are the larger pipes that are usually installed in the ground before a structure is built. If they are installed incorrectly or damaged during construction, the stage may be set for leaks to form. Regular plumbing maintenance can sometimes circumvent problems before they get out of hand, but there are other everyday factors that may intensify slab leaks such as the following:

  • Foundation changes – Sudden changes in the water grade around your foundation can lead to shifting, dropping, or heaving. This can lead to fissured pipes, which become a channel for water to flow into your home.
  • Poor Water Quality – If you have hard water, or your pH levels are too low or high, this can lead to pipe corrosion and other damage that can directly affect your home’s concrete slab.
  • Unstable Water Pressure – Too low or too high of water pressure can stress your plumbing system, especially in pipes that are already corroded or deteriorating.
  • Improper Installation – Always hire a licensed contractor to install plumbing components to your home or you could find yourself battling a slab leak.
  • Digging – Did you recently add a landscape feature or excavate your yard? Digging can cause slab leaks if you are not careful about where you dig.

Repair and Detection

If you suspect you have a slab leak, proper detection and repairs should be made immediately. Call for professional leak detection services in Sunnyvale, California and we will use the latest equipment to find the source of the leak right away. Our plumbers also provide same-day water heater repair, video camera inspections services, and more!