Best Practices for Floor Drain Maintenance

Are you taking proper measures to protect your floor drains? These drains are usually found in the following spaces in the home:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • Laundry rooms
  • Driveways
  • Patio

It’s common to find floor drains in areas where fast water drainage is important.

Floor drain maintenance isn’t hard, but it’s a task that often gets overlooked. Taking care of floor drains is important because keeping the drains clear prevents flooding from back ups and goes a long way toward helping homeowners keep expensive water damage at bay.

Keep Traps Full

The floor drains in your home are installed to take care of overflow from water heaters, toilets, and other fixtures in your home. The outdoor floor drains take care of moving water away from concrete or other services after rainstorms or from irrigation systems. In addition to moving water away from the home, these drains also stop sewer gases and odors from getting into the house.

To ensure that gases and odors stay out of the the home, the floor drain traps must have water inside of them. When floor drains dry out, they can make your home smell terrible. If you have floor drains that aren’t used often, make a habit of pouring a gallon of water into the floor drain once a month.

Clear Clogs ASAP

Floor drains are highly susceptible to clogs. Debris on the floor can get into the drain and cause clogs. Sweeping around the floor drains regularly keeps dirt and dust out of the drains.

However, sometimes, clogs still form. As soon as you notice any slow draining, you need to clear the clog to minimize the risk of flooding. To do this, use a plunger to try and clear minor clogs. If this doesn’t work, a homemade concoction of vinegar and baking soda may work or you can use a handheld, personal drain auger.

For serious clogs that can’t be cleared using household methods, we’re here for you. We offer professional drain cleaning services in Sunnyvale, CA, that clears the toughest floor drain clogs.

Clean the Drains Often

While we recommend professional floor drain cleaning once a year, it’s still important for homeowners to clean these drains themselves several times a year. At least once every quarter, clean up around the drains and pour the homemade solution of baking soda and vinegar mentioned earlier into the drains. Follow up with a gallon of hot water.

For professional floor drain cleaning service, call My Sunnyvale Plumber Hero. We offer annual drain service that keep all the drains in your home clear to prevent serious drainage issues.

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