5 Ways Our Emergency Plumbers Help Our Customers

You use your home’s plumbing every day. From washing dishes and bathing to watering plants and doing laundry, you rely on your home’s plumbing.  Since we use our plumbing so much it’s not surprising that you might encounter plumbing problems from time to time.

Our plumbers in Sunnyvale are always here for you . But how do you know when to call an emergency plumber?  Here are some reasons to place that call right now.

Sewage Backups

There’s nothing fun about a sewage backup. Luckily, if you do have a backup in your home, a quick call to our offices will get this nasty problem cleaned up ASAP. If you think your sewage system isn’t working well, call our emergency plumbers.  We’ll figure out what the problem is and fix it quickly to get your home’s sewer system running well again in no time.

Clogged Toilets

A clogged toilet doesn’t always seem like an emergency, but when you can’t use the bathroom, it is. If you have something stuck in the toilet and the plunger won’t clear the clog,  our emergency plumbers can help. We tackle all kinds of toilet problems and have advanced tools to clear the toughest clogs.

Leaky Faucets

One of the most common problems our plumbers deal with are leaky faucets. If you’re faucet is dripping and driving you crazy, let a plumber take a look at the problem. Even small faucet leaks waste water.  24-hour plumbers like our fix faucets fast. We repair shower heads, bathtub, and sink faucets.

Broken Pipes

Your home’s pipes are the foundation of your residential plumbing system. If you have older pipes, they may develop a leaks or even burst. If you find yourself in this situation, depend on our experts to respond fast and deliver professional pipe repair options at reasonable prices.

Sump Pump Repair

Does your home have a sump pump? If it does, you rely on the pump to work and keep your basement or lower level dry. In the unfortunate event that your sump pump stops working, call our emergency plumbers in Sunnyvale to fix it ASAP. We can even recommend battery back-up pump or water pump options to make sure you never experience a flood because of a damaged pump or one that’s lost power.

My Sunnyvale Plumber Hero is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us when you need us and we’ll get to you in a hurry!

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